Merry Christmas Tenth District

Dear Tenth District Republicans:

Before we get down to Republican business, the Tenth District Executive Committee would like to wish each of you a Merry Christmas. I hope that all of you have a wonderful time with family and friends. It may be easy for those of us who are active in politics to let them dominate our thoughts, especially during tumultuous times. Christmas helps return us to those things that are of utmost importance: faith, family and friends. Have a joyous Christmas and New Year celebrating all three!

Speaking of Next Year

While most of the political world is winding down, our district has an important political challenge ahead.

Two special elections have been called on January 9th, 2018: House District 111 to replace Brian Strickland and Senate District 17 to replace Rick Jeffares.

Democrats have their eyes locked on these two seats and are already calling to #Flip111 and #Flip17. They have reason to be excited – last election cycle the Democratic candidate picked up 49% of the vote in HD 111. To keep a conservative Republican in these seats, we need to outwork and outmatch them every day between now and January 9th.

Here’s how you can help. 

The Georgia Republican Party has organized a daily canvassing effort to ID and persuade likely Republican voters in the district. In order to meet our voter contact goal, we will need 30 volunteer shifts filled.

To sign up for a two-hour volunteer shift, email Suzi Voyles at with the subject line “Jan. 9 Special Election – Volunteer”.

There will also be two Super Saturdays on which activists from across the region will join to canvass these districts:

  • Saturday, December 30
  • Saturday, January 6

Additionally, reminders will be sent closer to these Saturdays.

To go ahead and sign up for a volunteer shift, email Suzi Voyles at

We are going to outwork and outpace the Democrats. We will NOT let them flip these seats.

Thank you for all your efforts – and let’s get to work!

What else can we do to keep conservatives energized for the 2018 elections?

  1. In addition to getting out the vote in these special elections, we should all tell everyone we know about the great successes of the Trump Administration.
  • The EPA has been rolled back to Reagan-era numbers;
  • Land is being taken from the federal government and returned to its rightful owners;
  • Taxes are being simplified and lowered;
  • Economic growth is over 3%;
  • Illegal immigration is down;
  • Conservative judges are being seated.

All of these changes are having and will continue to have a great impact on our country. Get the facts and share them!

  1. Last, please write letters to your local paper. My local paper has a headline today saying Tax win helps GOP avert another failure. Technically they are right—the current administration hasn’t had as many legislative wins as we would like. Nevertheless, this administration should be portrayed as a raging success for the reasons listed above. It’s up to US to make sure that voters recognize these successes and vote accordingly in 2018.

Merry Christmas from the 10th District Executive Committee

  • Karen Schwind (Chair)
  • Janice Westmoreland (1st Vice Chair)
  • Jeff Cowert (2nd Vice Chair)
  • Mary Alice Carter (3rd Vice Chair)
  • Kirk Shook (Treasurer)
  • Mike D’Antonio (Ass’t Treasurer)
  • Cathy Ware (Secretary)
  • Miriam Shook (Ass’t Secretary)


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