Growing The Party Precinct Training

February 12, 2018 – Growing the Party Precinct Training was conducted for Precinct Chairs by Harry Thoerner – 2nd Vice Chair & Karen Brooks – 1st Vice Chair.

We met at the Covington Airport Meeting room at 7:00 PM. We wanted to teach the Precinct Chairs about the important role they hold in the party.  How they can help grow the party.  This is an off year for Mass Precinct & Convention cycles, so now is the perfect opportunity to build.

The meeting was opened with introductions.  There were 18 attendees. Not all Precinct Chair’s were able to attend and some precinct’s had both Precinct Chairs & other officers.  Harry Thoerner opened the meeting by stating, “Karen isn’t it great seeing all these young Republicans here tonight? Well I am 71 years old, so pretty much everyone else is younger!!”  Just for fun; how many 70 +    60+    50+     40+     30+    Any Under 30?  What does this say?  We need younger people involved.  I have found out so many people I talk to don’t even know we exist, who we are, what we do, how to get involved, or where & when we meet.


Starting TONIGHT! Our Motto is:

 Be Active; Be visible, Be Caring, Be informed; & most of all be Proud!

[People started Chanting USA, USA]

Harry stated the New Local “Grassroots” Newton County Republican Party, Inc is reborn!  The excitement was in the air!

Karen Brooks explained Mass Precinct Meetings, County Convention (delegates sent from Mass Precinct Meetings), District Conventions (Newton County has two Districts 4 & 10); State Convention. The total delegates per Presidential Votes from 2016 to county are 418.

Harry continued by asking how many delegates are you allowed for your precinct? The sad truth is some precincts had no representation and some only had 1 or two.  We need to inform our friends and neighbors about the Republican Party. One way to get started is one street at a time.  Begin with your street. You can pass out flyers with information regarding Dates we meet; time; and location with our Motto.  This will help identify the county brand as well.

Some ways suggested by the group were Bumper Stickers, Sponsoring Raffle Tickets/gifts, Post Cards, articles in the newspaper, & Flags to pass out on the square for events

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  1. What a great night! So much excitement & input to grow our membership!!Keep it going! Looking forward to your suggestions & any events happening in Newton County you are aware of we could participate in.

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