Georgia My Voter Page

Do you not know where your voting precinct is located?  Are you not sure about what districts you are in or want to know who represents you in the U.S. Congress or in the Georgia House or Senate?  The Georgia Secretary of State has a website setup for you to get all of this information.  Here is what you need to do…

Visit the Ga My Voter Page at

You will need to enter in your First Initial, Last Name, Select your County and then enter in your Date of Birth in the MVP Login area to the right.

After you enter this information in Click the Submit button and this will take you to your personal Voter Page.

Here you will find all of your voter information.  Your Polling Place and Your Elected Officials.  You can also click on the Qualified Candidates link to see who is running during certain elections.

You can select the Election Year and then choose the Election you are trying to find the candidates who are qualified to run for that election.  You can even narrow down the search by Party, Office Type and Offices that are up for election.



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