I would like to thank everyone for a successful Precinct Mass Meeting and Convention.
Participation was high and at times so was the emotion so I would like to follow up on our Parliamentarian, Sid Haggard’s remarks.

Some history first of the NCRP is in order as many of you do not know. I began getting involved in community politics around 2014 while fighting with GDOT during a widening project in front of my office. After attending many BOC and City Council meetings I sought out the NCRP and began attending. It was a very small group of between 6-8 and not friendly at all. After witnessing others being shunned and having the same issues, I joined with another group in discussions to see if any recourse was available. Long story short Ray Cowan became the Interim Chairman and I was his 1st Vice Chair. Ray turned the Party around and got us on a course of inclusion and working together. After 1 Term Ray decided he would bow out since he fulfilled his commitment and at the next Convention in 2017 I was Unanimously Elected as Chairman. After much consultation with Ray, the NCRP Attorney and our Executive Committee I have done my best to follow the same path of inclusion but to also put more focus on Membership, Fundraising and general Community Awareness.

When Ray was elected Chairman in 2015 the previous version of the Party, 2014 and before, was turning out 6-8 regulars to monthly meetings with about 22 actual members. Fast forward to just before the 2019 reset and we are regularly turning out between 30-40 monthly with membership between 85-100 depending upon whether a Presidential year or not. We have deposited thousands of dollars into the bank from various Fundraisers and qualifying fees from candidates. We have become known not only in Newton County but at the District and State level as doing good things for the Republican brand and we have received many accolades from Candidates and Elected officials alike.

Now to today! This is the exciting part, with the influx of many new members we have reached a point that we can develop new Committees with new and fresh ideas to grow the NCRP into a powerhouse in the State. Even though the PMM and Convention was a little contentious, as Sid Haggard urged us, we have to come together for the betterment of Covington and Newton County.

We have many extremely important pieces of business facing us. One is we have to unseat Ezell Brown with a competent Sheriff from the Republican Party. Right now, we have 2 candidates that will battle it out in the Primary, Ken Malcom and Clay Ivy, I urge all of you to help them so we can present 1 candidate that we will all rally around to WIN and bring Law and Order and Security back to Newton!
Next, we will be faced with finding new candidates to run for ALL Constitutional positions as well as Districts 1-3-5, BOEd 2-4 and Superior Court Judges.

Now is the time we must come together as a cohesive functioning Party to ensure that we do our best to GO RED!!!

Scott Jay
Chairman- Newton County Republican Party, Inc.

NCRP March Meeting
Guest Brant Frost running for 2nd Vice Chair State GOP
March 25th, 2019

Covington Municipal Airport
Nisshinbo Dr
Covington, GA 30014


Newton County Republican Party, Inc. – Regular Meeting
March 25, 2019
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Meeting called by: Scott Jay - Chairman
Call to order
1. Invocation
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Recognition of any Elected Officials
4. Recognition of Candidates
5. Speaker: Brant Frost running for 2nd Vice Chair of State GOP
6. Discussion for Strategic 2 year Plan thoughts/ideas for specific
measured goals for example: Get a Republican Sheriff elected
in Newton County.
7. Discussion for setting up a volunteer scheduler/event planner
Committee for GOP.
8. Chairman for Voter Registration Committee.
9. Chairman - Committee for Candidates and Committee for
potential candidates.
10. Dates & fees for upcoming Conventions 4th , 10th , & State.
11. Announcement for next scheduled meeting
12. Adjourn
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